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Boogie Pumps parties are all about having fun and delivering a successful party requires lots of ENERGY and SPARKLE.


Don’t worry, our entertainers have a whole lot of that! Our staff are carefully selected based on experience as well as being fun, vibrant, energetic and bright.


Your BP Party will be filled with timeless party games such as musical bumps, musical statues, musical corners, parachute games and of course…. lots and lots of dancing!

Other Info

Where can we hold a BP party?

All parties can be held in your own home or chosen venue – We suggest church, village & community halls!


How many children can we invite?

18 Children to one entertainer is our limit, however if you would like to invite more children to the party we would love to have them along, the more the merrier! Please note that an additional fee will be added to cover a secondary entertainer.


What do we need?

We bring all our own props, music and equipment. If you would like anything special included in the party please let us know. We love answering those all-important questions, after all your child’s party is hugely important!

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How To Book

  • Email the Boogie Pumps team at or use our contact form here to enquire about your party.
  • A member of the Boogie Pumps team will send you our Party Pack & Prices.
  • Once you have checked that we’re free for your chosen package, download the booking form and send it back to us to confirm your booking.
  • After receiving your booking confirmation, download your Boogie Pumps party invitations and let’s get the party started!


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Boogie Pumps Party Invitations

Disco & Games Party

1 hour / 1.5 hours


A Disco Party includes our full lighting display & the party plan can be tailored however you’d like. We can accommodate more ‘free’ dancing time with scheduled games & activities throughout. It can be as relaxed or structured as you like!


“Is it a bird?… Is it a plane?… Is it a Superhero?… Nooooooo it’s a Boogie Pumps DJ” Dance to the coolest sounds and party songs around under the bright Boogie Pumps disco lights.

Dance  Party

45 minutes (2 – 4 yrs)
1 hour / 1.5 hours (4 – 14 yrs)


A Dance Party consists of non stop high energy dancing & games. We master different tricks & skills as well as learning a routine! If requested we can even do a little performance of the dance for recording or to the parents!


Pop and lock, dance the fox trot. Up and down, round and round. We teach and perform a fun routine for all levels to enjoy and perform. 

Themed Party

45 minutes (2 – 4 yrs)
1 hour / 1.5 hours (4 – 14 yrs)


At BP we love individuality, our tailor made party option allows you to create a customisable party to make all your child’s dreams come true on their special day.


Popular themes include: Cheerleading, Pirates, Superhero, Princess, Animals, Fairy’s and Unicorn.



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